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Paid Media

Launch campaigns on new platforms, convert new users, and use data to decide how and where to scale.

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Growth Strategy

Map your user journey, establish a growth framework, and Execute it. (the capital E in execution is by design.)

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Creator Based Ads

Increase conversions across all your social media channels with creator-based ads that drive your users to take action.

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Impact Measurement

Prove the real value of your campaigns with incremental lift testing from our data specialists.

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Owned Media

Activate users sooner by reaching them when and where they are most likely to respond.

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App Store Optimization

Increase app downloads by making it easier for users to discover and install your app in the app stores.

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Channel Specific Creative Production

Build channel-optimized creatives that serve the unique needs of audiences on each social media platform.

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AI Budget Allocator

Make better budget allocation decisions on your ads, using recommendations from our AI tool and data scientists.

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BI Analytics

Get all your campaign metrics in one tailor-made dashboard. 24/7 access. No black boxes. Full transparency.

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Tech & Data Studio

We join forces with your IT teams to harnes technology for meaningful business outcomes.

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“Finding a partner like Winclap Creative Studio was key to build trendy and funny videos to get incremental results with TikTok ads”
Christian Gaitan
Performance Lead
“Winclap experience and proactivity allowed us to scale our audience unlocking new channels to grow. We have seen strong results so far”
Felipe Galizia
Acquisition Marketing Leader
“We are satisfied with the results since the first day the campaigns were turned on. We are, continuously, testing new recommendations from Winclap to grow our campaign in the best possible way. Winclap’s support has been great. it’s very easy to communicate with the team.”
Delfina Buratovich
User Acquisition
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