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Openbank Argentina: Boost your Brandformance with Reels and creators

Success Story

With the aim of increasing its brand recognition, reaching new audiences and increasing conversions in its app, Openbank collaborated with content creator based ads and successfully managed to position itself in front of a new audience, increase the recall of its ads and improve its performance.

Success Story published by Meta

7.4 Points increase in brand recognition
12.3 Points increase in ad recall
44% Decrease in cost per registered customer
38% Decrease in cost per installation

Profile & Background

A bank without borders


Openbank, the Santander Group’s online bank, is one of the largest digital financial entities in Europe with more than 2 million customers. With an innovative vision, it was born in Spain in 1995 with the aim of making financial management accessible to everyone. Its proposal is absolutely user-centered, allowing you to operate online remotely, simply, dynamically and securely. It has a presence in Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal and landed in Argentina in 2022 as the first market in Latin America.

The Objective

Position their brand and improve its performance.

Openbank looked to increase its brand recognition, expand its customer base and improve the registration conversion rate on its mobile application.

“Openbank is a digital and innovative bank that seeks to simplify users' finances. Under that motto, together with Meta, we managed to implement a novel performance strategy, generating creative and high-impact content that seeks to link closely and organically with our audience, thus exceeding our conversion and reach objectives.”

Florence Franchini
Business Director, Openbank

The Solution

Creators for positioning and new audiences

To attract new customers, Openbank collaborated with Meta and Winclap, a Growth Transformation company, to develop an innovative strategy based on the use of content creators.

With a Meta Advantage+ app campaign on Instagram and Facebook aimed at an audience of men and women over 18 years of age in Argentina, the digital bank broadcast eight short videos in Reels format starring three content creators: José Luis Mariani, María Jesús Rentería Areal and Sebastian Taborda.

Working with the creative experts at Winclap Creative Studio, multiple video concepts were defined following best practices for ad conversion. To begin with, the benefits of Openbank were shown in the creatives in an organic and entertaining way, in line with the Reels language. The step-by-step process for opening a virtual account was also detailed in some videos, thus reflecting the advantages of using the app. In addition, they used humor, viral music and social media trends to generate relevant content for the target. Finally, in all the Reels the texts with the most attractive characteristics of Openbank were highlighted.

The result was a successful campaign that not only managed to increase brand recognition but also increased registrations in their app.


The Result

More visibility and less costs


Openbank used a Brand Lift study and an A/B test to measure the results of its new strategy. The figures demonstrated a significant increase in brand positioning and ad recall. In addition, the bank managed to reduce costs in its advertising campaign thanks to this collaboration.


7.4 point increase in brand recognition

12.3 point increase in ad recall

44% decrease in cost per registered customer

38% decrease in cost per installation

“As users, we want to see content that entertains us, especially if that content is an advertisement. Integrating creators into our pieces and bringing the Reels language to all the Meta family of apps manages to optimize and achieve the best results.”

Leandro Santos
Head of Winclap Creative Studio

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