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Cracking User
Acquisition in TikTok
for Trivia Crack


etermaxone of the biggest gaming companies in the world, with millions of downloads worldwide of Trivia Crack 1 and Trivia Crack 2, its top gaming apps in iOS and Android. The gaming company is always on a quest for new channels, GEOs, and pockets of growth to reach new audiences and users.

55% Decrease in CPI
35% Creative Conversion Rate
2.4X Higher CTR
3X Higher average watch time per user

The Challenge

In order to maximize its user acquisition, etermax continually looks to advertise on the most impactful channels and to diversify its spending across media sources to meet a really aggressive CPI target.
TikTok, one of the fastest-growing platforms in the world, presented a huge opportunity to reach new audiences worldwide. But it also presented a big challenge in terms of creatives, daring marketers to adopt a specific mindset to advertise successfully on this platform.

The Solution

etermax worked together with Winclap Creative Studio, as an extension of its marketing team, to produce engaging and appealing creatives for the TikTok Audience.

The goal was to show Trivia Crack 2’s main features with TikTok-oriented creatives. etermax team worked with Winclap’s channel experts to adapt the ads narrative to TikTok’s unique tone.  The key to producing engaging ads for this channel was centered around following best practices from the platform — like user-generated content, real people and music —and leaning in weekly trends.

With Winclap, etermax is now able to:


  • Save time and efforts in campaign management and creative production.
  • Produce highly-engaged TikTok-oriented ads to attract new users.
  • Continuously iterate. Testing new trends, effects, and concepts within creatives.
  • Optimize and improve their user acquisition efforts.
  • Receive timely, high-quality support with their TikTok campaigns from the Winclap team.

Creative Strategy

“We are satisfied with the results since the first day the campaigns were turned on. The ads generated by the team are in line with the strategy that we have for TikTok Ads. We are, continuously, testing new recommendations from their side to make the campaign grow in the best possible way. Winclap’s support has been great, it’s very easy to communicate with the team.“

Delfina Buratovich
User Acquisition - etermax

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