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A Call for New Users: Telefónica Movistar diversified its growth
with TikTok

New channel. New Users.

This is a story of how a telecommunications company diversified its paid media strategy and scaled.

The Challenge

Movistar is a telecommunication company providing internet, telephone, and mobile services., It is part of Grupo Telefónica, the seventh-largest telecom group in the world. In Argentina, Movistar faced the challenge of continuing to grow in a competitive market, where it already held more than 30% market share. Their Performance Marketing team had to establish a paid media strategy that would allow them to grow four business units simultaneously.

Florencia Panizoni, Performance Marketing Manager at Movistar Argentina, saw that the paid media channels they were investing in were starting to show signs of saturation. Bringing new users to the apps was becoming increasingly expensive.

Florencia and her team knew that to reduce acquisition costs and attract incremental users, they needed to diversify their paid media channels. TikTok seemed like a good candidate to do so. However, they needed to work with a partner who had experience in managing this channel.

44%- Avg. monthly reduction in CPA prepaid leads
50%+ Avg. monthly increase in events postpaid leads
17%- Avg. monthly reduction in CPI

12 Specialists, 1 Team, 1 Goal

“Considering costs and CTR improvement, we trust App campaigns run together with Winclap to be promising initiatives for 2023. The team transmits confidence to look for new opportunities and improve performance.”

Clara Gómez
Marketing Analyst - Telefónica Movistar Argentina

The Solution

They began working with  Winclap’s Paid Media and Creative Studio teams to release TikTok’s UA potential. Combining the expertise of both teams, more than 12 people collaborated to develop a creative and performance strategy that would allow them to unlock the acquisition of incremental users at a lower cost with TikTok ads.

Combining Technology, Performance, and Creativity

Successful campaigns in a new channel must start with a strong technological implementation. Without good tracking, there is no good data; without quality data, it is impossible to make informed decisions. Fortunately, Movistar’s apps had already implemented Adjust, one of the industry’s leading mobile measurement platforms (MMPs). Along with Winclap’s Growth Engineers team, Adjust and Movistar worked on mapping events in the apps and installing pixels for website tracking. This allowed them to accurately measure traffic at each stage of the customer journey, thus optimizing campaigns toward users with a higher probability of conversion for each app activity.

In addition to strong technical implementation, TikTok always needs a specific creative strategy.


Valentina Domici, Creative Account Manager, and Florencia Romero, Creative Specialist at Winclap Creative Studio, worked with the managers of each business unit to design an ad strategy that fitted the nature of the platform. That is ads that do not seem like ads: short videos, using creators, and leveraging trends and best practices of TikTok.


While promoting four business units at the same time, Movistar team needed to manage a high volume of creatives. They proposed rotating the ads more quickly. This allowed them to find the optimal ad structure for each business unit. They produced 17 creative videos in 4 campaigns simultaneously in 3 months.


Web and app acquisition campaigns were run simultaneously in TikTok to attract new users for 4 business units.

In parallel, Movistar Performance Marketing team, along with Mariano Kravetz’s team at Winclap Paid Media, worked closely together to increase ad placement. Aside from the campaign running on the TikTok platform, they soon started running ads on Pangle, TikTok’s ad platform that allows for advertising on other applications. This allowed them to increase the spaces where they advertised, maximizing audience reach.

Creative Strategy

A big challenge was to ideate and produce multiple creative videos based on creators, and to do it fast. In only three months, more than 17 videos were tested and iterated.

The Results

In only 5 months, TikTok has become an efficient channel to scale user acquisition for Movistar. In December 2022, they decided to start promoting the Home business unit, launching and activating a campaign in only 8 hours! The most outstanding results were:

  • 17%- avg. monthly CPI reduction in App from August to December
  • 44%- avg. monthly CPA improvement in Prepaid leads from August to December
  • 50%+ avg. monthly increase in Postpaid Events from September to December

Telefónica Movistar found a new way to bring incremental users to TikTok. The call for new users has been answered.

“Thanks to Winclap Team we were able to diversify our channels, achieving costs aligned with our goals. The team is proactive in bringing innovative ideas and executing them quickly to get great results.”

Florencia Panizoni
Performance Marketing Manager - Telefónica Movistar Argentina

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