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Increasing subscribers with creator-based ads in Reels

The objective

AB Inbev launched its own e-commerce marketplace, Siempre en Casa, in 2019 in Argentina. It was crucial to position this new business model in customers minds to drive subscriptions and recurring online sales. However, in a market accustomed to in-store and third-party app purchases, positioning AB InBev’s innovative value proposition was nothing short of a big challenge for the team. And like all big challenges, it required creative solutions.

“Thanks to this collaboration, we were able to create reels that told our value proposition in an entertaining and powerful way. We successfully achieved our full-funnel strategy goals”

Lucila Olhasso
Growth Manager DTC – AB InBev

The Solution

Lucila Olhasso, AB Inbev’s, Growth Manager, knew that it would be necessary to deploy a full funnel strategy: Ads would need to be powerful enough to generate awareness, while also driving online purchases to their marketplace. Part of this growth strategy focused on running  always-on campaigns in the Meta advertising landscape, mainly Facebook and Instagram.

To create ads that convert, its social media ads needed to follow the most popular trends and formats that would resonate amongst users. Nowadays these formats are short UGC videos.

Using Creators Based Ads generated strong performance and brand results for our global Client AB-Inbev and their marketplace Siempre en Casa.
Creatos Based Ads showed a +107% increase in Click Through Rate compared with Business as Usual ads. Moreover, Ad recall increased by 8%.
Overall, the campaign brought a 13% increase in purchases, while reducing CPA by 12% and increasing ROAS by 28%.

Ab InBev has become the largest drink and brewery company by constantly innovating how to get its brands closer to consumers. To  adapt to new consuming habits it is building a direct-to-consumer ecosystem. This new creative strategy was key  focusing not only on getting online sales, but mainly on acquiring and retaining loyal customers.

Creative Strategy

Relatable and funny: showing real people in real life situations.

Static ad for stories

Product at front: vast range of products to show Siempre en Casa marketplace value prop.

The results

13%+ Increase in Purchases
12%- Reduction in CPA
28%+ Increase in ROAS

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