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Combining Creativity and Performance in TikTok to scale growth

The Challenge

Ualá is one of Latam’s top fintech companies. It was born in Argentina and soon expanded to Mexico and Colombia. Its mission is to continue spreading financial freedom across Latam, innovating the region’s financial services to the 21st century, and beyond.
The company has built a financial ecosystem where more people can have access to online payments, collections, investment, insurance, international cards, and benefits programs.
Its app allows everyone to use, transfer and invest their money in a truly digital way.

62%+ Increase in Installs
57%+ Increase in Registrations
50%- Decrease in CAC

The Solution

In the quest to reach more people, Ualá needed to scale its user acquisition strategy in Argentina and Mexico. It  was already advertising on Facebook and Google, but it was not enough.

A new place to look. A new mindset to adopt:

TikTok has been the fastest growing platform in 2020 and 2021. With more than 40M MUs in Argentina and Mexico, it looked like an attractive channel for Ualá to find and engage with new users.

However, advertising in TikTok requires a whole different media expertise than other social channels.
Ualá knew thatThey needed new content following TikTok’s unique style.

To adopt a truly TikTok mindset and create performing ads in this platform, Ualá worked with IMS and Winclap Creative Studio. Together they designed, implemented and optimized a creative strategy focused on performance.

2.7M % People reached with Reach & Frequency campaign
750K+ Views at 100% in the app install campaign
4X % CAC decrease in Mexico in 300 weeks

A Full Funnel Strategy


For Branding, a Reach & Frequency campaign, using In Feed Ads, was launched to increase awarness in new territories. Specific campaigns were optimized towards User Acquisition, Retargeting, and Deep Funnel events (like First Deposit).

One message, multiple audiences


  • Ualá needed to spread its message “Declare your financial freedom with Ualá!” targeting a broad range of potential new users in Argentina.
  • Broad and lookalike audiences were used to find the users with greater engagement with the brand.
  • But speaking to multiple audiences means carrying multiple voices.

Leverage on Trends & Creators


To increase its reach and conversion, Ualá and Winclap leveraged TikTok’s creators community.

  • Winclap Creative Studio team first analyzed TikTok trends and creators that best aligned with Ualá’s personality.
  • Multiple TikToks were produced communication Ualá’s message combining hot trends and relevant creators.
  • Niche and mainstream creators performance was compared. The team could find wich message, audience and creator carried the highest engagement for the brand.

The Results

With its performance campaigns in TikTok Ads, Ualá scaled its volume of users at a decreasing cost of acquisition.

Uala has discovered how to combine creativity and performance in TikTok to scale growth.

TikTok has become one of Ualá  most important acquisition channels for its growth strategy. It has proven to be a valuable community for Ualá to be discovered, and where the company could connect with broader audiences.

Ualá is changing how we consume and enjoy financial services.
It is spreading its financial freedom mission across Latam.
One TikTok at a time.

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