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When life gives you lemons… Make TikToks

This is a story of how a crypto app activated users with a full funnel strategy in TikTok.

The objective

Lemon is one of Argentina’s top crypto companies. Its mission is to allow more people access to cryptocurrencies in an easy way thanks to their variety of products and their friendly UX. Lemon blends the best of traditional finance with cryptocurrencies, making it the perfect entry door to the Crypto world.

Lemon wanted to scale its user acquisition by unlocking new channels and to reach new audiences. However, when they tried investing in new media, the performance team found out that many of their efforts did not prove to be incremental. That means, they were increasing budget but were not seeing an increment in events. To truly scale, Lemon needed to find a channel that would provide incremental new users.

When they heard about the beta test allowing crypto advertisers in TikTok, they knew it was a big opportunity to grow their user base.

The Solution

Lemon decided to run TikTok Ads to acquire new users making their first transactions in the app. Its performance campaigns needed to be not only incremental, but also efficient:  It was critical for them to keep the CPA below their defined target.
However, advertising on TikTok requires a media expertise quite different to other social channels. Creatives are a key lever to optimize performance in this media. And being creative in TikTok means producing authentic, UGC, sound-on, vertical and short videos, while using creators and trends. That is what the TikTok mindset is about: making TikToks, not ads.

The Results

TikTok campaigns brought Lemon significant cost savings acquiring new users and buyers. The CPI was –60% vs target and CPA -63% vs target! Also, they exceeded their new accounts target by 120%. To top that, Lemon’s creative ads quickly ranked amongst TikTok’s top 10 high-performing ads in Argentina. The team had never reached these numbers in any other digital platform during the first month of their campaigns.

This came to prove how valuable TikTok audiences are, with a big proportion of unique users unlikely to be found in other social media platforms. 

Today for Lemon, TikTok has become far more than a powerful channel for user acquisition. From communicating new app features to launching new company projects, the platform has turned into a key space to interact with their audiences.

-60% Lower CPI than target
+120% Increase in New Accounts
-63% Lower CPA than target

“We always knew about the huge opportunity that we had on TikTok. It was really important to focus not on making ads but to do TikToks instead. Finding a partner like Winclap Creative Studio was key to build trendy and funny videos that helped us not only to communicate all the benefits of Lemon in an easy way but also and more importantly, to get better results. We are also very happy about the partnership that we have with IMS which was key to turning Lemon into one of the first Argentinian crypto companies to advertise on TikTok. The results of this campaign are the result of the synergy and teamwork between our teams.”

Christian Gaitan
Performance Lead - Lemon Cash

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