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A 360° Strategy to Hack your App’s Growth

360° Strategy

Wabi worked with Winclap on a 360° App Growth Strategy that allowed them to diversify their growth channels, scale their creative production, and optimize their investment in Paid Media using AI.

2x Orders in app
33% CAC Savings
20% ROI Improvement

The Challenge

In 2020 and 2021, Wabi needed to enhance their entire growth strategy by attracting new users to their app. 

Wabi needed to scale their user base through new channels and in new countries. Their goal was to increase the demand for new users from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Argentina by 20%.

The challenge was not only to increase the volume of app downloads but also to drive users with a high level of engagement and ensure they make a first purchase.

Wabi’s team was already running User Acquisition campaigns on traditional medias such as Facebook and Google, and were successful. However, advertising only on those networks was not enough to grow at the pace they were aiming for. That’s why they reached out to Winclap for their team’s expertise in mobile growth, which allowed them to scale their campaigns across multiple channels, combining performance, creativity, and artificial intelligence.

The Solution

Winclap Creative Studio helped redesign a powerful advertising strategy and align Wabi’s message with each channel and audience culture.

A 360° plan was developed to diversify and scale their growth channels, scale their creative ad production, and optimize their investment using AI.

Channel Diversification

The Performance team worked with Winclap's Growth Experts to open new media channels that helped expand the scope and quickly find users interested in the app.

Creative Strategy

They also relied on the Winclap Creative Specialist team to scale ad production in each channel and geography and deliver their message in a relevant manner.

Artificial Intelligence

Lastly, the technological ally was Winclap's Budget Allocation tool, which allowed Wabi to combine artificial intelligence with human intelligence to invest their budget efficiently.

“Winclap experience and proactivity allowed us to scale our audience unlocking new channels to grow. We have seen strong results so far”

Felipe Galizia
Acquisition Marketing Leader – Wabi

The Results

A Paid Media strategy across 6 different channels for 4 different countries. Tests were made on new programmatic media and social channels, especially TikTok.

Over 1000 creatives were produced and iterated, combining text, audio, video, and native formats.
Budget Allocation recommendations were incorporated to optimize budget allocation.

This strategy allowed:

  • Multiply 2x the number of new orders.
  • 33% savings in acquiring new users.
  • 20% improvement in ROI

Wabi found in Winclap a technological partner to boost their media buying strategy, scale their creative production, and optimize their investment by combining Artificial Intelligence and Human expertise.

Wabi found a new way to scale.

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